a stick that resembles a disco ball that is passed around at parties. when someone receives the disco stick, they must dance until they pass it to someone else.
jane just loves when she gets the disco stick, she pulls out all of her best moves.
by Elroro;] September 26, 2009
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Something cheap and cheesy that you do to get popularity/fame/acceptance despite the fact that you have potential and or talent. Invented at the start of man, Innovative and Popularized by Lady Gaga.
Did you hear about that band. They totally Disco Stick'd to get on the radio. Laaaame.
by A fan who hate that fake song December 03, 2009
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Originally a term from the Lady Gaga single 'Love Games', referring to a penis - supposedly the penis of some random guy she met in a club.

Is now also used to refer to the act of putting a pill (ie; ecstasy etc) inside one's penis and having one's partner suck it out.
"Last night was crazy... a random chick asked me for a pill and I said she could only have it if I gave her a disco stick. Which I did." <raise hand for high-five> "Don't leave me hangin.."
by analogeyecandy May 11, 2009
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