An almost magical device (originally created for helping adhesions with C-Section surgery) that gives women intense orgasms through their clothing! Gives a whole new meaning to going dancing with the Disco Stick.
I don't care where we go dancing tonight as long as they have a Disco Stick. God I need a discostick tonight!
by TheDiscoStick May 3, 2011
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1. See Penis.

2. A sex move - a man snaps glowsticks of various colours and pours the liquid on his genitals, producing a 'psychadelic' effect during intercourse in the dark.

3. A pop culture allusion made by Lady GaGa to a penis.
"Last night I rode Michael's disco stick!"

"Let's have some fun,
this beat is sick
I wanna take a rid on your disco stick."
by madameJESUS March 9, 2009
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Worst cover-up word for penis out there. Just please, don't use it. If you're a fanfiction writer and use this, please don't write fanfiction anymore. I will most likely cry.
Fanfic: "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!"
Reader: Ew no-
Reader 2: C r i n g e!
Reader 3: Oh my god, kill it!
by G30rgeWashingmachine June 15, 2021
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The flap of skin the doctors removed was really just her disco stick.
by Southern Tiger September 1, 2009
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1. A glow stick or other brightly flashing stick-like object used commonly in nightclubs and crack houses for entertaining people high on drugs.

2. An erection caused by a combination of drugs and dance music. Usually leads to "booty calls" and "picking up trade."
Jeremy loved sitting in the corner away from the others while watching Billy twirl his disco sticks.

David's friends decided to perform an intervention when, after his last afterhours party, everyone on Manhunt was buzzing about his fierce music and even fiercer disco stick...
by DeeJay Ferosh January 31, 2009
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The act of breaking a glow stick open, and putting the liquid on a man's dick; (usually followed by a woman having sex with the man). Lady Gaga was one of the first people to use this term.
The girl tore open the glow stick and tried to give him a disco stick.
by mikethem4n December 11, 2009
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When a girl puts glitter inside her vagina, and then queefs, giving a magical explosion of glitter. After doing this, she has sex and the guy will have glitter on his dick, thus a disco stick.
"Man, last night my girlfriend queefed and glitter went everywhere! We did it, and then I had a disco stick"

"I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"
by The Duke Of Nixington April 19, 2009
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