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When a guy has too much intoxication his dick goes soft and he can't get hard for sex.
Jack: "Man I drank so much last night I couldn't get it up, it was like thumbing a marshmallow into a coin slot."

Gary: "Ha Ha, you got Disco Dick."
by Harley punk September 06, 2011
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After a wonderful Christmas lunch with the family, you and your girlfriend retreat to a quiet corner of the house, where she proceeds to give you a handjob. However, one detail has been overlooked. The glitter from the $20 pack of Christmas bon bons is all over her hand, and subsequently all over your dick. Also referred to as 'party pole'.
"Oh my god, I can't believe she disco dick'd me. I feel so festive!"
by dingleberry7 December 26, 2017
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Sexual maneuver popularized in a porn movie when "The Sheik" is leaning back, relaxing whille one of his harem is vigorously working his schlong, grinding her hips up and down on it.
Said The Sheik (with a strong, but obviously faked Arab accent)... "aaah, yes, work it... work it baby... yes, that's it... dance on my dick... disco dick..."
by Richard Cranium October 28, 2004
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