DirtyLT1, a poster of "Htownracing.com" has just achieved internet fame and epic status.

His epic fail of massive proportions started when he complained of "strange noises coming from his LT1" (93' firebird formula). The problem was reported to have appeared after a routine oil change in which oil additive was included.

DirtyLT1 later dug through the trash to find the containers of his "oil additive" which was actually brake fluid.

DirtyLT1 then proceeded to try to clean the engine out with brake clean, a highly flammable substance.

The saga is far too long to detail fully in this definition.

There is still speculation over whether or not this is actually a joke or not, but regardless, it is the best forum topic to hit the interwebs in many years.
"DirtyLT1, Throw some power steering fluid into the engine to steer the brake fluid and brake clean out"

"And don't forget to add in some headlight cleaner so you can see what you're doing"
by YHHAWNFTPSHI June 04, 2009
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