Performed during the early stages of the act of analingis. Takes place when the "giver" is teasing the most sensitive portions of the rectum with their lips only. The receiver has intentionally avoided any act of personal hygene for several days to the anus, thus resulting in a chocolaty, fecal surprise, also known as a "dingleberry" for their partner to spread generously around the lips, mustach & lower goatee area of the face.
The result of the Dirty Sanchez is often the look of a 1920's painting of a sad clown or hobo face.
by badass143 February 06, 2010
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when you smash out a bitch from behind and you stick your finger in her ass and you pull out shit and then smear it on her upper lip so it looks like a mustache and she smells her own poopie. haha
yo i was fuckin some slut and i gave that bitch a dirty - sanchez
by maxxyboy May 21, 2008
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A "dirty sanchez" is when you see someone who looks like they are dressed up as a mexican for halloween, but then you get closer. Then you smell something and realize it might be poo poo, or gushie. It's so gross you feel like throwing up. Some people call it dirty sanchez, some people call it stinky stevie, but it's a poop mustache...a painted poop mustache. GROSS!
I almost threw up when I realized Lomita had a poop mustache, known as a dirty sanchez, that I could actually smell when talking to her.
by Grossed OUT July 24, 2006
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When your getting some brown lovin' and you smear some shit on your lovers lip making her look like shes got a brown mustache.
by BlueOyster April 30, 2003
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When a man is having anal intercourse with a woman, and pulls his dick out of her ass and has shit on it. Then, he slowly drags his dick over her upper lip and leaves behind shit that resembles Pedro's mustache.
"God damn, her asshole was so dirty that I pulled my dick out and gave her a Dirty Sanchez."
by Tri fold March 05, 2010
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All of you need to get your minds out of the gutter; that is disgusting. A dirty sanchez is simply when one sticks their finger into one's own butthole and then puts it into another person's ear, using a twisting motion similiar to that of a wet willy. So there!
After I gave my friend a dirty sanchez, I made sure to wash my hands well.
by Jennifer Smith January 04, 2006
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latin: Clunis Concubitis Barba
After a man and woman engage in anal sex, the maile removes his still-erect member from his partner's rectum and rubs it along her upper lip, thus creating a sort of fecal mustachio supposedly reminiscent of a scraggly Mexican mustache, or bigote.
Women love being Dirty Sanchezed because of the power reversal and gender switch that comes from having a typically masculine mustache painted across their face with a penis

Source: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010
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