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Dirty Truck Stop Grilled Cheese Winch's are frequently found along major highway routes such as Route 66, US 20, and I-90. There are similar to a succubus but instead of sexual desire they lure you in with cheaply made grilled cheese sandwich's. There are not a lot of findings as to their motivation. Major philosophers have pondered their intent for centuries. Their origins trace back to ancient Greece where they would troll the streets and woods. Plato once philosophized that "the Grilled Cheese Winch of the woods only logical purpose is to disrespect Zeus's lone weakness; his inability to process dairy". Modern day DTSGSW's have been linked poor productive in truck drivers drive times and their waist lines. The second coming of the DTSGSW's have led to a 634% increase in elastic banded pant sales at gas stations across the country. They have almost sorority like gatherings where it is rumored they discuss tactics, wardrobe, and types of cheese. Recently Sargento Cheese Experts released a statement saying "they are concerned that cheese prices may be on the rise due to the growing demand being created by the mysterious truck stop woman". Lucky for the public, the DTSGCW have started to brand themselves with large tattoos. If you ever see DTSGCW lettering on someone, please proceed with caution and realize the risks involved with these women. Famous DTSGCW who have now moved on to other careers include Monica Lewinsky, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Amanda Bynes.
Timmy, keep an eye out for those Dirty Truck Stop Grilled Cheese Winch's at the next gas station.
by Butchy December 24, 2014
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