Sex localised typically within the vicinity of a kitchen done in the missionary position over a boiling pot. As you fuck the girl she is aggressively unleashing a gargantuan monsoon of piss and diarrhea into said pot. The amount released increases the harder and faster each thrust.
Me and your sister in the kitchen whippin' up a Dirty Squirty
by WordToYourMother69 September 1, 2021
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(noun) Diarrhea, esp. stools that are very liquid and under higher than normal ejection pressure. Most often used as plural and with "the", i.e. "the dirty squirties"
"Dude, those tacos I scarfed last night gave me a major case of the dirty squirties today."
by Quinn Ward March 31, 2006
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When you fall asleep after drinking too much and wake up with your butt cheeks glued together because you sharted in your sleep or straight shit yourself.
by Jrizzle83 October 20, 2018
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A woman who can squirt great distances; usually with the help of magical fingers
I gave her a dirty squirty berty and she came past her ankles
by 13th Duke May 5, 2009
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Making a Yorkshire pudding batter both with the cum of a virile Disney Dad, and the squirted juices of a lady. The Yorkshire pudding is thereafter cooked in the oven, then eaten with the fingers of both the male and female from whence the pudding came.
Dirty Squirty Yorkshire Pudding

What did you do last night?
Made a Dirty Squirty toad in the hole. De-lish.....
by Disney Dad May 4, 2022
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An extreme and explosive diahrea attack
Mary knocked Hank over in the hallway when she was running to the bathroom with a mean case of the Dirty Squirties!
by Harry Iconnick Jr May 30, 2023
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