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While engaging in sexual intercourse during the missionary position, one pulls his mushroom tip from the vaginal cavity and sprays his partner with ejaculate somewhere between the top of the snatch to the belly button. He then carfully drops his nut bag on top of above mentioned jit and slowly drags it up to the above mentioned partners chin.
Yo, I was humpin this skank skeezer out the other night and I set this bitch off with the nastiest dirty snail.
by Zeno Rock May 26, 2008
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The name for a child/teenager that leaves a trail crap from tissues to dirty clothes, if its dirty and its constant you got a dirty snail on your hands

If it its dirty than you just got a regular snail.
Annie's such a dirty snail!

Mum:You're always leaving crap around you snail
Kid: But at least I'm not a DIRTY snail.
by StinkStalker October 04, 2014
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