A dirty skank (DS) is another word for a female who cannot keep her legs closed. It is another word for a whore or slut.
by seriously.ur.basic March 8, 2015
A girl, who sucks, touches, and/or has sex with any guy and possiably girl she comes in contact with.
Guy: Look at the chick over there! Shes such a whore
Girl: I know, i heard she slept with Cassie and Rachel!

Guy: Yeah, and a coupple guys along with that.
Girl: What a dirty skank!
Guy: I know pretty Chav-tastic huh.
by Thatonechickoverthere April 27, 2010
1) A girl who is nasty and a slut

2) A tramp

3) A ditchpig

4) A gross rotton whore
(two doods watching porn)

Guy#1: You see how that DIRTY SKANK knob gobbled the whole shaft and swallowed the entire load of hot slimy juices?

Guy#2: Yes, I do that on a rare occasion myself.

Guy#1: What!?

Guy#2: Just kidding. *winks sexually*
by wj barry February 18, 2008
A modified version of the pirate (dirty pirate skank) skank, usually dirty as fuck!
Joe: Dude that chick wanted me to eat skittles out of her ass last night.

Friend: Ahaha you got you a dirty pirate skank!
by Snake22787 February 1, 2009
lil dirty skank is known as a little girl who goes around fucking gangsters for money
girl 1: "damn, ayva is such a lil dirty skank shes so gross!! shes the school thot omg"
girl 2: "bitchh i know she is u jus got to get used to seeing her fully dressed but naked online thats how girls are these days"
by pancakeface1099 April 20, 2022