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1. When a man is fucking a girl from behind, he will pull out and insert strawberries into her ass through a funnel and then proceed to fuck the funnel.
aka. strawberry shortfuck

2. When a black male is lifting weights a girl will come over and lick his ear. Distracted, drops the heavy weight on her, then fucks her while she is trapped beneath the heavy weight.
aka. rape
1."Yo can I have some strawberies on my waffles?"
"Sorry, i used them last night when I gave Sally the dirty Pozze."
"Youre a fuckin legend"

2. "Yo man how was your workout yesterday?"
"It was good, but some bitch licked my ear so I gave her the Dirty Pozze."
"Youre a fucking legend"
by Michele Druzina February 16, 2009
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