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A very attracted male who is either extremely cocky or known to being a man whore.
1. That soccer player is so sexy but  he's such a dirty pony, he's the most cockyest guy I have ever seen.

2. Oliver is a good catch for a boyfriend but your going to haft to clean him up, he's a dirty pony. That boy has so many girls that he knows the female anatomy without even taking a class
by Dontleavmealone May 27, 2011
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Noun. A person who says and does dirty things at night; often including cameras, glitter, poles, other slutty people, or squirrels. If there is more than one DP, they can be numbered in order of dirtiness. Dirty Ponies always fight over the Dirty Pony #1 position.
"Dirty Pony, I can't wait to hose you down." --Lady Gaga

Dirty Pony #2: "Bikini Smackdown, RIGHT NOW for #1!"
Dirty Pony #1: "No thanks, I don't want to embarass you."
by Fro Yo August 18, 2011
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