All of the other definitions are grossly inaccurate for Dirty Pirate Hooker, this is the one true definition. A Dirty Pirate Hooker is a prostitute, escort, or some other woman who accepts cash, gifts, or other valuables in exchange for whoring her body out; what separates a Dirty Pirate Hooker from a regular prositute however is the fact that she has significantly more paid for sex with clientele who are significantly bigger sleezy perverts (making the Dirty Pirate Hooker Dirty); finally their are distinguishing marks such as stab wounds, bite marks, perhaps missing appendages, an eye-patch, etc. which makes said Dirty Pirate Hooker somewhat resemble a pirate of folklore.
Her name was Cinammon, she came to our hotel room in Vegas to entertain us, the apprehension she had of us, the stab wounds, and skankiness told us that she wasn't only a stripper, she was indeed a Dirty Pirate Hooker.
by Alias_Invader October 06, 2014
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