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The sexual act of cumming in someone's nose so that they are constantly snorting like popular internet personality and Twitch Streamer DarksydePhil
I gave Christian a Dirty Phil last night, right before stream. He kept snorting right in the mic.
by Califloydian December 31, 2017
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the act of having anal sex with a black male rabbit and blowing in it till it explodes then serving it to your mum for dinner then shelfing her shit
he's such a dirty phil!
by ageo April 01, 2019
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An Austin, TX based producer who is into deep underground movements, such as jungle revolutionary or dub massive stylee.
Reggie- "Man, Edwin is a dirty phil with that new school central texas scene!"

Bart- "Ya, he has tons of shit that hasn't even come out yet... He's way ahead of the consumer crowd for sure."
by flipperINtheOceanDocks March 09, 2009
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