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An act of nature performed while hunting Bull Elk in Western Montana. A hunter puts himself in a tripod position and bugles in a large strapping Elk. If the hunter is worth his salt the Bull should score 400+ in Boone and Crocket record books. The gargantuan Bull then comes trotting down the mountain side pissing all over himself. It then mounts the willing hunter unleashing multiple loads of sperm in the hunter's anal cavity. The hunter then waddles back to camp with his butt cheeks clinched as to not spill a drop. Once inside the cozy wall tent he precedes to bukakke all his hunting bros with a massive tsunami of Bull spunk! The hunter is then celebrated and held in the highest esteem of his gun toting peers. Often times the hunter must be transfered to the nearest hospital to stitch the anal tearing and repair the chocolate starfish for next year's hunt.
Why doesn't Court talk about his hunting trips anymore, why does Court no longer fart, wierd. Maybe that Dirty Pfahler had something to do with it.
by Wapiti66 May 06, 2011
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