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A Dirty Perry occurs while driving in multiple passenger situations. The performer has the most control as the driver of the vehicle in question but public transit allows for the execution of the Dirty Perry under varied circumstances. The ideal preconditions for a Dirty Perry are limited ventilation and high relative air temperatures. With these conditions in place the performer then let's loose a brown eye demon. High caliber instances of the Dirty Perry will cause the surrounding victims to taste pennies and attempt to escape the vehicle by any means up to and including leaping into traffic at high speeds.

The Carpool that Monday seemed normal. No one questioned Dan when he turned up the heat as it was chilly outside nor did they notice as he locked out the window controls. The horror that fell upon them as the Dirty Perry broke upon their senses set them scrambling for the window controls. As the bouquet of funk reached its first stage of flavors Frank, wild with desperation and knowing the bouquet was only starting to bloom took a header out of the rear left door of the Nissan. Tom saw psychedelic spotches of color as the second layer or aromas hit him but was able to find the door controls through the haze and escape out the rear right door. Rick lost all motor control as the Perry reached the penny stage and was therefore unable to escape. He has since recovered all but the use of his right arm.
by baddestcatinthewholedamntown October 25, 2007
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When you have anal sex and the receiver proceeds to suck the object that was just in their ass.
That nasty broad just gave me a Dirty Perry.
by jammaster jake March 18, 2005
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