A disease that is usually inherited at a young age it starts when the patient is a infant and a black ring forms around the neck, as the patient grows so does the black circle and eventually covers the whole back of the neck.
Person 1:Man have you seen Xavier and Anthonys neck?

Person 2:Yea man it's so black!

Person 3Talk about a dirty neck!
by A Clean Neck Person June 24, 2010
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A hard slap on the neck when some one is being stupid or dumb
WTF! why did u do that i m going to give u a dirty neck
by hawaiian_flip_boi May 18, 2005
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A nice follow up to a traditional burn of sorts. Used mainly in the early to mid eighties.... It's up to you guys to bring it back!

Basically, picture what someone looks like after getting burned.... Head down, scratching the back of their neck in embarrassment... So sad.

Person 1 - Asians suck at football. There has never been a good asian football player
Person 2 - What about Jr. Seau!?
Person 1 - Jr. Seau is polynesian, not asian, you dumbass
Third Party - Ohh! You got moded! SCRATCH THAT DIRTY NECK!
by Mike Cirami August 31, 2006
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Someone who just got busted on.
'Your so poor I threw a rock through your window and broke all your furniture."

"Damn, you better scratch that dirty neck."
by Freezee C August 03, 2007
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This term dates back to the early 80's. The original phrase was "scratch your neck".
Etymology: a common practice among sophisticated women after being proven wrong is to scratch their necks, while looking off or away. This action is rarely done by arrogant people when proven wrong. Because of that, This phrase is used to let them know what they need to do, since they are wrong.
Person 1: I use Vit B for my skin to make it soft.
Perosn 2: For soft skin you should try Vit E.
Person 1: Vit B is the oil I need for good skin THANK YOU
Person 2: WRONG, Vit B is water-soluble therefor not an oil, Vit E is an oil.
Person 1: Really!
Person 2: Yea, Really. Scratch your neck!(or scratch your dirty neck)
by Lancerlot G-Mo January 06, 2007
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this is basically the coldest dis to someone who has just been moded (molded)- proven very very wrong.
aaw. I TOLD you the Beastie Boys signed to Capitol. Scratch your dirty neck!!!!
by devdawgula July 03, 2004
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When your friend is fat and doesnt wash his neck and its so dirty it turns black
Thailand: Angel wash your neck you Fat Dirty Neck Bastard
by Kevin the african jit October 05, 2019
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