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A difficult and disturbing sexual act performed on the night of a first date. This maneuver requires several conditions to be present in order to pull it off legitimately. First condition, you must not know this girl for more than 24 hours. Second, she must have given birth to at least one child... the more children, the more dirty the myers. Thirdly, you must be willing to bypass the puss and dive straight into an intense asshole munching session. If you so much as know where this girl has been, know that she has no kids or even dabble in the puss while performing oral... you have failed in dirty myering her. It takes a rare breed to drive right into an asshole you know nothing about on the first date, and especially with your mouth wide open. Get it son!!!
"hey man, how did your date go?"
"Pretty good... got some ass last night"
"Nice, how was it..? Was she a good fuck?"

"I wouldn't know, all I wanted to do was give her the dirty myers"
"Wasn't this your first date? And doesn't she have two kids?"
"Yep... and quite a delicious asshole"
by Dirk Giggler October 20, 2011
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