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When a douchey guy gets a girl in the back of his car for a 1 time quickie using qualities such as good athletic ability, blond Justin Beiber hair, or a nice car, such as a Mustang.
John - Hey Andrew, wheres Matthew? i thought we were meeting here after the club.
Andrew - That son of a bitch, i think he's pulling a Dirty Morris on that chick from the bar.
by Aspang March 28, 2012
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The act of not brushing your teeth, then intentionally breathing in someone's face. Usually a gesture of anger or dislike.
Hey bro, since you didn't do the dishes, I'm going to dirty morris your ass so hard.
by Gangster Hebrew November 25, 2011
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A sloshy type of sock, that sticks to your foot or a trout like face in pain.
ewww get that dirty morris away from me
by mwahaa June 16, 2008
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