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A man kneels on his hands and knees, pushing his penis and testicles between his legs. All the while, his sexual counterpart kneels behind him, performs analingus and masturbates the tucked, downward-pointing penis. The masturbatory act looks similar to that of a milkmaid milking a cow's udders.

This act differs from that of a Rusty Trombone, in that the masturbatory act of the Rusty Trombone is a "reach-around" with a back-and-forth jerking motion with the pleasure-getter remaining standing; a Dirty Milkmaid's participant is kneeling and the hand manipulation is between the legs, using an up/down motion.
You might as well call me Bessie the Cow, because that filthy whore gave me a Dirty Milkmaid.

While I knew she could play a skin-flute, I had no idea she was also a Dirty Milkmaid.

That girl must work on a farm, because not only did she she tounge-dive my dirt-pipe, but she gave me a Dirty Milkmaid.
by West Coast Buckeye December 20, 2011
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