Mexicans who are very dirty. This includes bitches named Lil Wayne and Dora.
by HitMeHarderThanChrisBrown March 04, 2012
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When a horny guy has no other choice but to remove his female partners tampon before they engage in sexual intercourse. (you do not actually have to be mexican)
"the dirty mexican"
Chancho: so do you want me to pull it out?
Babycakes: I'm not gonna do it!
Chancho: ugghhh... Ok... I guess...
Chancho: *pulls the tampon out*
Babycakes: you dirty Mexican!
by ¡Martinez! August 13, 2010
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A blunt rolled with a ground mix of marijuana and tobacco
I've been rollin a lot of dirty mexicans lately man
by *Miracle* June 09, 2017
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When you turn around spread your butt cheeks and spray diarrhea on an intruder
I almost got murdered last night but I did a dirty mexican to defend myself
by Kock_Blockula115 November 14, 2020
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What you call a cartel member whos name rhymes with retardo shiller.
Faggarin: Look at that frimmin rat
Brown syndrome: You mexican SCUM
Retardo: Shut up I ain't no Dirty Mexican Rat
by Anonymouse. SCREEEEEEEEE November 09, 2020
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The wonderful by-product of that fuckadillo called NAFTA. Produce grown in Mexico, where they use human waste as fertilizer, resulting in various sicknesses among unsuspecting gringoes, including Hepatitis and Salmonella. This cheap and inferior product is destroying the United States tomato industry, as well as many other forms of agriculture.
Dude, I'm going to have to resort to shopping at hippy stores for organic produce if I catch Hepatitis-C from one more piece of dirty mexican produce.
by Jaggo March 22, 2004
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A 30+ dude of questionable Spanish origin, likes to pick up young women and is often seen drunk convincing you to give him things desires. Is an expert swindler and will convince you that the sky is purple.
That old dirty Mexican just walked into my house and demanded smokes and beers!
by superweird_95 April 17, 2011
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