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A Dirty Kleenex is a complicated professional sex move. In order to successfully complete a Dirty Kleenex, one must dangle a woman's head, torso, and arms out a 2nd story or higher window, while having vaginal or anal sex with her. Traditionally, it must be an office building, but looser definitions allow any building with at least two levels. Upon climax, the man must ejaculate into the woman (thus making her "dirty"), and then toss her out the window, as one would toss a dirty kleenex into the trash.
"God, I'm so sad Lindsay died."
"Did you hear what happened?"
"No. What?"
"Jimmy did the Dirty Kleenex with her."
"What? She wasn't even a professional."
"She wasn't even a professional."
by microjimmy March 27, 2015
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