When a girl is getting gangbanged by 2 guys and they decided to nut in both of her ears
Me and my boy were gangbanging this chick and we gave her a dirty Jose
by Mushroom chode January 19, 2019
Someone who has a long spicy Italian sausage between there legs that absolutely woos the girls panties right off
Yo when Matt passed by I think I witnessed a Dirty Jose, Omar's panties flew right off! -ThisIsntJose
by ThisIsntJose December 1, 2021
A dirty fat boy that wipes peanut butter on his anus and has the neighborhood cat lick it off.
Hey! There goes dirty Jose walking out of Safeway with a jar of peanut butter. We all know what that means. He’s such a dirty Jose!
by Tim0827379 April 20, 2021
When you are in a connected line of sex eating each other's boners at 1am while ten girls are waiting in line for some action, harder than ever felt before in the universe with fucking all the way hahaha.
It was a Dirty Jose last night in the mansion
by Emi's fat ass March 7, 2022
The Dirty Jose is a traditional love making skill from a small town outside of Guadalupe, Mexico. After bringing his swollen member to climax in the buttocks of his partner, the man proceeds remove the cum and fecal mixture and put in in his partner's belly button. He then makes sweet, slow love to his partner's belly button with his right index finger (using your left finger is considered inappropriate and is highly frowned upon in most circles).
I find that wearing a low-ride thong makes it much easier for my BF to dirty jose me after he humps my anus.
by Owena Anderjohnson March 14, 2007