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The act of inserting the two index fingers into the anus while simultaneously inserting the two middle and two ring fingers into the vagina of a girl on her period. The fingers of the same kind on each hand must be held together during insertion. Next, take the bloodied middle and ring fingers along with the two shit smeared index fingers and paint the face of the girl in one stroke with each hand beginning from the middle of the face finishing at the corners of the mouth with all fingers meeting. Use the blood as lipstick to paint around the lips and the shit as eye shadow. Finally, fish out the joker in a deck of cards and lick-n-stick-it to the forehead of your date with the joker image facing up.
I was fucking Dana doggie style the other day and noticed she was on the rag so I gave her a Dirty Joker after I blew my wad. She looked like a sad clown.
by DonLogan123 December 05, 2011
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