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A verb describing the Passover holiday tradition where your grandma shits into a cup and feeds it to your grandpa, after which your other grandpa and your dad begin taking turns fucking that same grandma -- from behind and in her still-uncleaned asshole -- while your mom lies underneath sucking their balls and ocassionally getting a lick of their shit covered cocks.

Beginning in the late 1980s, stories of a variation of the Dirty Jew Williams began surfacing on dial-up bulletin boards in and around Turlock, California. The "Dirty California Williams," as the variation is now known, involves all of the same circumstances above and, in addition, requires your dog to fuck your dog's mom, while your dog's dad fucks your mom (who is still lying underneath the grandparent action, sucking balls and licking shit dick from time to time). San Francisco homosexuals escalated the Dirty California Williams in the mid-1990s by joining in the action themselves, assuming a position behind their dads and throat fucking their grandpas periodically.
We had to rush to the hospital after my grandpa got an ulcer from worms in my grandma's shit. The doctors were disgusted at first, but they apologized after they realized we were only doing a Dirty Jew Williams. One of them could totally relate -- his mom required a hysterectomy after his dog ripped up her pussy when they tried out the Dirty California Williams a few years back.

A family that Dirty Jew Williams together, stays together.
by Jay Gatsby Jr. August 28, 2010
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