The art of putting to fingers in a girl's pussy, your thumb up her ass, then rubbing fingers and thumb together like you like money. Then say "shalom" while doing it.
The other night I gave her a Dirty Jew.

"Did you finger her?"
"Yeah man i gave her the Dirty Jew!"
by ivap4u July 8, 2009
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an insult, not necessarily of an anti-sematic context, used to describe a person who has done something to annoy you. Once again, does not, in any way, demean to jewish religious population.
"You damn dirty jew, my cookies are not fair game, if you eat them again I'll kick your dirty jew ass!
by Austin(aarrgghh!) April 30, 2004
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The same thing as any other racial or anti-semetic insult. Yeah it's demeaning, it's stupid to say it isnt. You can't call someone a nigger baby or any other type of racial insult without insulting the person whom the word is associated with.
Every person who sends a definition to this site should have an IQ test first...
by Juice April 11, 2005
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Similar to the Dutch Oven, the Dirty Jew is when you are in the middle of fucking a girl then you sneakily fart (most effective if you shart) in the pillow case the grab her head and shove it in the open side of the pillow case and yell, “SEIG HEIL, I LOVE AUSCHWITZ!!!”
The Dirty Jew

Person 1: “Yo boys ima Dirty Jew this bitch tonight”

Person 2: “SEIG HEIL!!!”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021
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The current context stemmed from the Baroque era which placed heavy importance on scientific investigations, meaning someone of a Semitic origin who had not received a circumcision. More modern use of this phrase has transitioned to define an individual who is blatantly cheating a rigid system of laws without punishment.
If one more dirty jew becomes president, I’m going to have to move to Canada.
by Guido Fabolous September 20, 2008
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Where you are at the end of a liquid substance such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Detergent... (you get the idea) and you must add water to get what’s left out of the bottle.
I had to do The Dirty Jew to the shampoo and conditioner bottles this morning in the shower due to non-portion controlling family members!
by CrazyBttchNAnderson December 5, 2018
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A non-practicing jew.
A dirty jew is a person who comes from a jewish family but does not fallow the rules of the religion, if they even know the rules
by Briand123 August 8, 2007
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