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When your fucking your girlfriend in the butt and you pull out and there is poop on your dick and you wipe it off with your pointer and middle finger and put it in your mouth like a pinch of chew.
Ken was fucking the filthy in the butt and pulled out and saw shit on his dick and realized there was no better time for a Dirty Hoffman.
by Jonny Red June 10, 2009
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a) Someone who is most likely a pedophile or possible stalker. Typically this type of pedophile speaks with their eyes shut and monotone.

b) It could also be used as a kinky sex position.
Ex. A) Dude, that guy over there is a total Dirty Hoffman.

Ex. B) Do you want to try the Dirty Hoffman tonight? Ok, put your legs behind your head and let's do this.
by DBagger December 19, 2012
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