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The ultimate drinking game. Not for the weak.

Invented in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Step 1: Find at least two friends willing to play

Step 2: Clear tomorrow's schedule (you be won't making it)

Step 3: Procure one bottle of cheap gin (26er is standard)

Step 4: Throw away the cap (you won't need it)

Step 5: The person currently holding the bottle must smile and loudly proclaim their undying affection for gin. (Ex. "Mmmmm, Gin!" or "I love gin!" - this proclamation must be as sincere as possible)

Step 6: After confirming their love of gin, the contestant must drink deeply from the bottle. (At least two swallows)

Step 7: After hauling on the bottle, the contestant MUST NOT make a DIRTY GIN FACE (the loose definition of a Dirty Gin Face is any facial expression that contradicts the contestant's previous claim of affection for gin)

Step 8i: If the contestant is deemed to have made a Dirty Gin Face, they must repeat Steps 5, 6 and 7 until they are able to conform to their guidelines (if it takes the whole bottle, it takes the whole bottle)

Step 8ii: If Step 7 is completed successfully, the contestant passes the bottle to the next person in the rotation.

Step 9: The new contestant begins again at Step 5. The game continues until the bottle is empty. (see after notes)

1. Enthusiasm for gin lies at the heart of Dirty Gin Face - feel free to penalize contestants who are not enthusiastic enough in proclaiming their utter infatuation with gin.

2. The orthodox version of this game continues until the bottle is empty, however some matches end prematurely. For this to happen, there must be a majority vote. If a majority is reached, the current rotation MUST be completed BEFORE the game ends.

3. Since a contestant cannot see their own face, the other players have final say on whether or not the current contender has made a Dirty Gin Face. (Don't be a dick! You may find yourself in a situation where the only thing able to stop you from finishing an entire bottle of gin is the kindness of others)

4. As the group size increases, so should the size of the gin bottle. ( 26er = 5 max, 40oz. = 8 max, 60 Pounder = 12 max)

5. It's important to remember that in Dirty Gin Face, there are no winners.
by McCooligan July 27, 2009
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