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(Verb) The act of drinking so much alcohol, that women have transcended the "hot" stage and have entered the "Drink em' till they are fat stage." Once the appropriate blood alcohol level has been reached the man may begin "Whaling for women." Whaling is an act done best with an erect penis, caused by copious amounts of Viagra, and a useful set of vocal chords to hum the tune "Amarillo by Morning." Once the male has spotted his whale woman, he shall begin the righteous act of wooing her, or It. (It should be noted that if you observe this mating ritual, you may want to look away as there will be copious amounts of lard flying in every direction, accompanied by a foul smell of fishy secretions and bacon). Once the mating ritual is completed the male will escort the whale hoe out of the bar while making Humpback Whale communications to the bar patron and acting as if he has a blow hole in his back all while making loud boisterous air noises. The noises signify to the bar patron that a fat whale bitch is going to get nailed like a cheap roof shingle. Once the Whale hoe is outside the male will drive them both back to his home domical and precede to whale fuck the whale in the whale tank.
Holy Jesus! Hey Mark, Robert, and Chuck....did you see that dude over by the bosses daughter? He totally just did a Dirty George Speer.

Mark: No way!! Did he make Whale Noises?
Robert: Yeah I saw it...looked like a pile of whale fuck was going to explode.
Chuck: You guys wanna get lunch?
Mark: Not after watching that dude go whaling! Boy he really Dirty George Speer'ed that hoe!!
by Jamal&Jonas March 19, 2010
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