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A Dirty Falafel Is when a man engages in rough anal intercourse with an Arab man who in turn, while covered with Crisco, Is making waffles by the bedside.
While we were doing the Dirty Falafel, I asked Muhammed if he wanted some Hummus on those golden waffles he was making.

Habib and I tried the dirty falafel, but we kept getting too much crisco on the waffle iron, and it began to smell of bacon. This was a major turn off for Habib, but not for Muhammed who could not be satiated simply by the smell of hummus

My friend Will's Prom was ruined when The Principal found the two arab exchange students had stolen a waffle iron from the cafeteria to do the dirty falafel in the men's restroom.
by H4833717 April 02, 2011
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The act of doing a shit in a deep fat frier.
He was such a dick I left him a dirty falafel on my way out.
by Icongram August 10, 2018
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