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The Dirty Eugene is a deviant act perpetuated by the loneliest of sorts, the nerds of this world so obsessed with video game fantasies that they creep into other aspects of their lives. Eugene was selected as the human name that best represents this type of person.
Assuming that such a human can get laid, the act is as follows:

While banging a girl doggy style, the guy grabs his favourite gaming controller (generally the the "flight stick" style of joystick) and shoves it in her ass. This is customarily followed by a proclamation of "New High Score!"
Nerd 1: "Did you hear about john Doe?"
Nerd 2: "No, what happened?"
Nerd 1: "He got beaten down by Jane Doe after giving her the Dirty Eugene"
Nerd 2: "At least he's got the new High Score..."
by ScreaminSeagull July 22, 2009
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