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Proper Noun;1) The illest of the ill, dopest of the dope, king of men.

2) The dirty duke of Earl.

Verb;1) To have intercourse with someone else's girlfriend.
2)To not give a fuck.
ex. How did you get that black eye?

I was caught in the middle of a dirty earl.
ex.2. We are going to be late for work! Dirty earl.
by ner121 September 15, 2014
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When a group of dominant males pull their goalies into a water gun, and the lesser male takes the gun to the nearby old folks home and sprays the oldest slut there
Rick, john, Mathew, Ryan, tony and mike all fired their knuckle children in this water gun! Make that bitch chew on their dirty earls!
by Ballsdeepinthatslut February 19, 2014
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