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When a woman takes a dick in the vagina another in the ass, two in the mouth and one in a vacant eye socket
Paul was part of a Dirty Donna last night.
by OTPHJ123 April 13, 2016
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A girl who suppresses her sexual desires in order to live up to conservative ideals of Western society; if attempting to hook up with, give up after five minutes because it ain't happening (ask Big Ben)
Guy at bar: hey baby, you wanna head on out to my place?

Girl: No, I'm going to stay here and covet my vagina like it's a sacred artifact sent from Christ.

Guy: Fuck you then, you cunt-ass dirty donna!
by The Oakland Phenom December 10, 2010
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when a guy is going down on a chick and she farts, and his chest hair waves from the breeze.
I was on this date last night, and this chick totally gave me a dirty donna.
by damnitgerry December 09, 2015
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Man, I was out with your mom last night and pulled the Dirty Donna on her. She squealed like a pig till I stuck my wang in her and she had an orgasm.
by ShitOnYou May 21, 2005
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