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A Dirty Don (Also Known as a ''Long Don Silver'') is When a Man goes through a Full day of Football, Gym, and 'Sports for Life' (An Extra form of Physical Activity Class) and Arrives to his Home, Without Washing, to Have Oral Sex Given to Him.
''That Crazy Boach Got a Dirty Don Today!''

''Long Don Silver Is the new Black.''

''When Life gives you Lemons, You Give Life a Dirty Don.''
by Moped, (y). May 16, 2010
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An older man who hangs out in bars to leer at people and become inebriated.

Usually distinguished by little to no hair, glasses and bleeding elbows. Whines often.
Here comes Dirty Don in that pumpkin-ass shirt!
by Nutsacula July 29, 2004
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The act of using a fruit medley, chocolate, and caramel in a sexual act that involves eating, inserting and covering of all parties involved in said food. The act is finished when a literal caramel shower is given and bathed in.
Jennifer always wanted to have a Dirty Don but was too afraid her boyfriend would think she was weird.
by DSK1234 October 12, 2010
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When a girl pays for your mcdonalds hamburger (preferably off the value picks menu) and then you lure her into the mens bathroom at said mcdonalds to perform lewd sex acts on you.
Yo that bitch gave me a dirty don over lunch last weekend
by rkfhjlgrf March 09, 2015
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