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Diamonds refer to Champagne bubbles. Adding Dirty refers to making the bubbles dirty by mixing them with for instance: Whiskey or Cognac. For the Sweet Tooth another version could be Champagne and Xante (Swedish Liqueur). Enjoy!
No drink will get you going like Dirty Diamonds. Most bars do not have this drink on the menu. However, you can simply order a few glasses of your preferred dark liquor to your party and then a bottle of Champagne to mix them with.
by InternationalBoozenessSociety February 27, 2010
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the re-rack formation of four cups in beer pong, in which the long part of the diamond is pointing down the length of the table, closely resembling a vagina.

this formation is often confused with the desperate diamond, which has the shorter length of the diamond pointing down the table.
bp player 1: RERACK!!
bp player 2: what do you want?

bp player 1: diamond.
bp player 2: dirty or desperate?

bp player 1: dirty diamond, I ain't no bitch.
by tmcg February 07, 2009
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a young women who lives her life in pain from swollen stds from birth and has a very tight very swollen vagina
Oh my why does that little girl grunt so fearsly" asked the elderly mrs.Farnsworthltonpotstein. the mother of the child replied, "O o my family has a long trace of being dirty diamonds cause of my great great grandma who was a hooker so when she plays sports she takes her anger out in grunts
by El Sapo Mago September 23, 2010
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