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The end of any sexual act which ends in disappointment. Dirty Dawn Simmons is the name given to those 'hard to please' constantly 'disappointed' individuals who will never and can never be satisfied.
Tracey: How did you get on with your date last night?
Paul: I pulled a right crime-watch cougar. I smashed her with my 10inch love wand for 2hours straight.
Tracey: She must have loved it!
Paul: Nah mate. She just sat there like a redundant paraplegic and constantly huffed, puffed and groaned. She even looked at her watch and one point. She even emailed me after to tell me how concerned and disappointed she was with my performance!
Tracey: No way, she's done a 'Dirty Dawn Simmons' on you.
by Golden Void September 06, 2019
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