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aka Dan the Jew, very similar to a hot lunch, but in stead of the cling wrap, you use a dollar bill that you snorted cocaine with out of someones asshole. When you fill this "low income pocket" you use a funnel to spray enraged ass piss into the one dollar holler and then after you need to cut yourself; in a none so vital area. Then you drip blood into the ass piss concoction for a truly deeper connection to your partner. And then after you finish preparing the the one dollar holler than you proceed to face fuck the partner into an oblivion and right before you blow your "duck butter" into the mouth of the waiting recipient you pop the one dollar holler and let it all run wild! After the party is letting loose like a puetro rican fiesta you judo chop your partner in the throat and let them vomit that triple D out!
You dirty dan diaz'ed that bitch last night!

That cum pocket was totally dirty dan diaz'ed.

Yo I'm gonna triple d that AAAAASS!
by D!nk421 January 10, 2012
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