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The Dirty Cobbler is a three part culinary experience. Part one (the crumble): The base of the cobbler must be constructed, this may involve a number of techniques dependent on resources available. A female base, requires the base individual to refrain from washing her vagina for 3-5 days in order to build a healthy yet fresh crust, that can be crumbled using fingers – dependent on taste. A male base, involves intentionally reducing effort in wiping one’s anus (2-4 days) in order to leave winnets, these can be hardened in direct contact with sun light – dependent on taste. If time constraints prevail both genders may choose the short option of placing a digestive biscuit (cookie) into a plastic bag and crumbling by hitting it with a rolling pin, penis or penises, before placing this in the orifice of your choice.

Part two (the fruit sauce), the other person must eat 300g of Peaches, Pineapple, or Mango 6-8 hours before, then proceed to ejaculate onto the pre-made cobbler base.

Part Three (dining), The completed cobbler is then eaten by the ejaculator, spoon fed to the base individual, or consumed by an interested third party.
Darling, shall we make a dirty cobbler when the Browns come for dinner this Friday?

Yes what a lovely idea, would you prefer a natural or biscuit base?
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