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When you want to have sex with your girl but you have no protection, so you use a Venomoth Pokémon card as a condom whilst you scream “I wanna be the very best.”
Man, I was so horny last night. I’m sorry that I had to use the oldirty Cassidy on you.
by Ligma joe mama March 29, 2020
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When you fall in love with a black guy while in a yubo live stream with 2 people.
Mom I did a Dirty Cassidy on yubo today and got the BBC.
by The Truth No Cap January 27, 2021
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When a young eighth/ ninth grader has her p***y pic exposed to everyone and had to move because she couldn’t handle the heat.
Oh lawd, you don pulled a “Dirty Cassidy” good luck with the new life.....( not )
by The REAL queen of USA September 4, 2020
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