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Noun: an act involving the transfer of dirt, sweat and/or hair from the scrotum to another person or person's possession via another object, such as a carrot, remote control, pencil, game controller, etc.
He gave him the dirty carrot in his brand new Blizzard!
by Aashe June 09, 2010
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During sex you place a carrot up your partners rectum.
Dude have you spoken to harriet since you broke up?
“Nah she still hasn't forgiven me for the dirty carrot“

What did you do last night?
“Not much just done the dirty carrot with my girlfriend”
by FatalToxic April 08, 2011
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a good loking boy, who is very bad. usually covered in tats, smokes, drinks and skates.
"i want a bad boy"

"that guy over there looks like a dirty carrot"
by i hate badger January 29, 2009
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