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A person who has brown hair and a ginger moustache. Usually seen wearing pink shirts. Dirty Burns indulges in farting regularly around people and excreting faeces around the sides of houses. A Dirty Burns is know to have a bad temper and hates loosing in anything. Excuses are always made when a loss may occur. Always give a Dirty Burns exact change when on a lunch run as they are known to keep all change. Dirty Burns can also be seen dancing like an idiot and going down on upper mangment when requested.
"Where's my change you dirty burns?" "Have you been wearing the same pink shirt for the last 3 weeks?" "Stop complaining about the losing. You know you suck anyway" 'Dirty Ginger Man"
by Douges Mc Douges January 09, 2008
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A burn on the hand (or some other area of the body) from friction, often repetitive and intense from a girl's panties or bra. Akin to a carpet burn, but specific to a "dirty" or "intimate" article of clothing. Most likely to occur in an instance of trying to go further/all the way with a girl, but not being allowed to seal the deal.
Example 1:

Leo: How'd it go last night?
Ben: ah man, all I got was a dirty burn (on my hand)!

Example 2:

Jim: I thought it was a done deal last night, and then all she left me with was a dirty burn!
Lucas: You are not having luck with the ladies man, all you ever manage to do is get a dirty burn
by mangmang22 December 06, 2011
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This happens at a KFC restaurant. After the shift is over the owner gets caught sticking his cock in the coleslaw.
Lisa: Dylan what are you doing? Why is your cock in the coleslaw? Dylan: I'm sorry Lisa, I thought everyone went home for the evening. I thought I might just enjoy a Dirty Burns.
by Robear DaBone July 19, 2011
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A burn one can only get in a busy city where you get both a layer of dirt and a sunburn at the same time resulting in a dirty burn.
After a week in Toronto I was left with a dirty burn.
by SojournerC July 28, 2013
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