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Phil and Randys burger van business in the show Trailer Park Boys.
"Me and Randy are having the grand opening of the Dirty Burger today." - Phil
"Your taking this Dirty Burger thing way too seriously Phil" - Randy
by Mr Jim Lahey September 4, 2008
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When soiling yourself and the resulting fecal matter is smeared over the crack of the buttocks. Fetishized by some as sexual practice.
'Oh god I ran so hard for the bus I got a dirty burger.'
' I paid her £50 for a dirty burger'
by Kim Mitten March 24, 2007
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One of a number of ladies from the South Wales valleys who love the cock!
"Rob did a dirty burger again last night, filthy bastard!"
by The Reverend Dr August 30, 2008
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A sexual maneuver in which you take a fresh piece of shit, either your love partners or your own, and then you splooge on it (adding the "special sauce"), then you take it and put it between your partners ass cheeks (the buns), and you got yourself a nice dirty berger.
My girlfriend was being a total twat last night, so I gave her a nice dirty burger... then I punched her in the face.
by Jon Herburt August 7, 2007
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a burger acquired from an unverifiable source, such as as a late night snack following kicking out time at a nightclub. Usually sold from a mobile kitchen. Often very worthwhile - they can be tasty, filling and inexspensive, especially when sold in daylight hours on main roads to sober drivers and passengers, but when sold to drunks after midnight will probably consist of stray cats and toast. Origin - Midlands, UK.
next little chef is about ten miles up - wait - Pull over! pull over! it's the dirty burger van! We're saved!
by Al December 29, 2005
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A char-broiled hamburger, not of the big-chain fast food variety.
Let's stop at Jim's - I hear they have the best dirty burgers.
by insieve November 29, 2007
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