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The combination of liquid and aerosol felt when an automatic toilet mistakenly flushes, post-business but pre-standing-up.
Student 1: (Audibly crying and whimpering in a restroom stall)
Student 2: Hey bro. Are you alright?
Student 1: (Behind stall door) No. I forgot to put toilet paper over the motion sensor on the toilet, and I got a Dirty Bidet... I have 4 more hours of classes! (Crying continues)
Student 2: (Shudders, shakes his head with sympathy, and walks away)
by Colibear August 24, 2016
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When a man and a women are having anal intercourse and the woman takes a shit on the mans penis and he pulls out and pisses in her asshole.
Tom: She shit on your dick?!
Brad: Yeah so I gave her a fucking Dirty Bidet!
by TheSuperPoobzMassacre January 29, 2009
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