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A blanket term for any estate agents in the UK who go out of their way to make your life difficult and shaft at every opportunity (without lube or even saying please) by way of rectal penetration, faecal hurling, smoke and mirrors, munging, and the occasional rusty french horn.
Barbara: "I saw the estate agent the other day and he was fucking a corpse right there in the office!"

Stanley: "Ah, did he try to lick your anus and stick his hand up your gusset?"

Barbara: "YES! How did you know?"

Stanley "He's a Dirty Bernard, goes without saying fucking prat"
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by FlacidSword69 October 27, 2017
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The act of a male pulling out as a female squirts juice in his mouth. He then holds her juice in his mouth as he cums in her mouth then spits her cum in her mouth. The female then gargles on the cum cocktail as she sucks the males dick...
Hey that girl is a freak I heard she gave Lucas a dirty Bernard at the farm party
by Spanish_currency January 09, 2018
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