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The act of shoving a Red Delicious apple into an anus and then eating it. Slice the apple to share with friends or keep the whole apple for yourself.
"Hey Bram, what are you doing after the One Direction concert?"
"I'm not sure, David. I actually might dirty apple Ashley."
"Wow Bram! I thought you two were just talking."
"I know, David. I think she might be the one for me."
by Too hot to Handel December 11, 2014
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sumthin really bad happens sumthin that sux so bad and u wish u could take it back
u dirty appled my life man!!backwen u find belly button lint in ur apple coz ur bestie has std's coz u gave ther buttocks a squeeze then they get mad at u coz u ruined ther life.
by flowerchild22 July 31, 2006
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