The dirtie is the item within the gertie, the gertie being pants, or other types of clothing worn on the legs. The dirtie can be big or small, depending on the person, and depending on the gertie they are wearing. A dirtie gertie may also be a person who is being homosexual in various ways, or who carries the name David. Do not be mean to a dirtie gertie, for they, yet small and weak, will one day hurt your dirtie in ways your gertie cannot explain.
That dirtie gertie punched me in the dirtie so i took his gertie and wrapped it around his dirtie til he lost circulation in his dirtie. Then he ripped my gertie so i called him a dirtie nergie.
by Harry Gertie August 31, 2007
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When someone is going down on an old broad and she accidentally shits herself.
Man, did you hear about Brad? He got a Dirty Gerty from Linda last night! That boy is still in the corner shaking and crying.
by Pimpzilla April 09, 2005
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When a colleague at work takes photos of ones poo, he/she is a dirty gertie.
Matt: my poo was best on rate my poo yesterday, Nat: matt you are a dirty gertie!
by stoke_gal March 10, 2009
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In reference to Gertrude Nadine Baniszewski (1929-1990), the Indianapolis woman who was chief architect of the torture and murder of 16 year old Sylvia Likens in 1965, a woman who severely abuses children resulting in death or serious injury to the child, any woman who is a child abuser
"They'll have to put that Dirty Gertie in protective custody, because she won't last fifteen minutes in the general population"
by Snickers 8662 May 11, 2018
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