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A mix of punk and hippy characteristics make up this type of person also called crusties or crusters however do not share the same music taste as a typical crust punk.They are punk rockers who are a little too tuned into mother earth and tend to have eco-friendly agenda. Often seen with dread lock mohawaks, long dread locks, long cut off shorts or high water pants,piercings,gauged piercings, bandanas, torn & patched clothing, beards and very unclean almost homeless looking. Gainesville FL punks are believed to popularize this trend around the time of the start of the band against me and thier folk punk music. Dirt pirates can be found at protestes and your local food not bombs chapter.
Those damn dirt pirates smell worse than the usuall punk crowds here.

Those dirt pirates are squatting in that building over there.
by Omit Shod May 18, 2009
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