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Referring to a lifestyle in the United States, specifically in the Inland Empire area of Southern California.
The Jesus Christ of the Dirt Bike Cholo is Travis Barker, the overly tattooed, overly pierced, semi-flammable drummer of the band Blink 182. There is not a single Dirt Bike Cholo in existence who would not be happy to offer their own mother to Travis Barker.
There is a very specific uniform that all dirt bike cholos wear. These uniform consists of:

A tall, stiff baseball cap. The logo on the cap must advertise a dirt bike brand, a trendy energy drink, or a mixed martial arts apparel company like AFFLICTION or NO FEAR. These hats must be black or white in color. The brim must be straight and the hat must be worn slightly askew to convey that edgy appearance.
T-shirts must be 2 sizes too large, black or white in color, and conform to the same strict logo guidelines as the hat.
Shorts are mandatory. Long shorts that show no more than 2 inches of the calf area above a pair of very long tube socks.

Oh, shorts and socks are required to be either black or white. Preferably black shorts white socks, black shorts black socks, or white shorts black socks. The combination of white shorts with white socks should be saved for special occasions, like when you have to go to court, or your baby's momma is giving birth.
Chuck Taylor low top shoes (in black) and plenty of shitty tattoos and piercings completes the package.
Don't worry about Mike. He's just a Dirt Bike Cholo who lives with his mom. He can't find any other clothes at Ross Dress for Less, so he takes what he can get.
by Frank Hotdog October 02, 2014
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