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a dirty person with bad hair or dirty clothes from the Taft Ca but not exclusive to the area.
Hey are you going to brush your hair or change your clothes?

no why?

aaah dude your such a dirt ball!!
by krent bipfer July 23, 2009
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Anyone who doesn't take a shower and stinks.
Skateboarders, Punk kids, just anyone whos not a hick or clean person
by PC November 21, 2004
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Any lowlife, unclean, and underperforming scholar, probably criminal and reprobate, particularly those that live near Tripps Run. Known to be ignorant jerks and assholes.
"That dirtball Caldwell is an asshole! "
"Yea what a geef"
by Chris Hoover June 30, 2006
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Noun: Describes what is essentially a useless human being whose very presence demeans the beauty in our world.

Alternatives: "Scumbag", "Lowlife".
1. Criminals
2. Smokers who think they have "rights"
3. Needlessly violent people
4. Bad parents
5. Attorneys
People who selfishly divide others for their own purposes with doublespeak and promises of serving the needs of specific "Communities" rather than serving the greater good of all.
by Mario November 15, 2004
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A person who says or does something completely disgusting and inappropriate, yet very funny/amusing as well.
"Bob, i can't believe you just laughed at that poor nun in a wheelchair! you are such a dirt ball"
by JoJoPotato November 13, 2006
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A teenage girl that commences in but is not limited to the following activities: getting smashed 3 days a week, sucking more than 4 cocks in a week, hanging out with men 10 years older than them, not attending a gym, failing drug tests, wearing shirts with stains on them, not showering all weekend, applying a massive amount of fake tan, being overly loud, attending parties they are not welcome to, pissing their pants in public, stealing money for cheap weed, sucking cock for shitty weed, stealing and smoking tobacco products, getting rides with unwilling car owners, acting dumb, thinking they are the shit, owning knock-off Prada bags, making fun of anyone who is not an alcoholic, open to sex for money, and much more
Are you gonna date her?

No way! She's a dirtball.
by balssmgoop March 26, 2010
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