a dirty person with bad hair or dirty clothes from the Taft Ca but not exclusive to the area.
Hey are you going to brush your hair or change your clothes?

no why?

aaah dude your such a dirt ball!!
by krent bipfer July 23, 2009
A Dirt Ball, colloquially referred to as DB, describes a person or persons who share a complete and utter disregard for social norms when it comes to maintaining an acceptable hygienic appearance. They may drool while talking, unknowingly wipe whatever disgusting matter they may have picked up, touched, stepped in or been exposed to onto you by the nature of their dirtballiness, or pull you backwards into the dirt, soiling your clean clothes. They often find humour in their status as a Dirt Ball (DB).
Dude #1- "Oh My God, Ben, what the heck are you doing!?"

Dude #2- "Bah, hih, hih, hih, hih, hih, ha!"

Dude #1- "Dude, get away from me you freakin' DIRT BALL!!!!"
by Itchy Law November 2, 2011
A term used amongst junior hockey players all around. Someone who isn't picky at all with his choice of women. This person usually likes to get around by creeping on facebook seeking out his next victim.
How about that dirt ball Joey D, he's gotten on just about every swamper around this town.
by Junior Hockey Bible July 20, 2008
When a man ejaculates inside his sexual partner's anus, and then sucks out his ejaculate along with any lingering feces. He then proceeds to make out with his partner, passing the semen and feces into aforementioned partner's mouth.
John: "How was your first date with Steve?"
Morgan: "It was totally awesome. We went out for Thai, and then he introduced me to dirt balling. I've never tasted shit before."
by SHREDDYvanhalen July 4, 2011
A variation on snowballing. it is after a woman performs oral sex on her guy... but without swallowing or spitting out the spunk. She then goes to his ass ... or another individuals ass and spits the spunk in their trunk.
when Bridget finished sucking my C**K she took my load and dropped it in my ass that was dirt balling.
by dirt baller September 21, 2006
A person who says or does something completely disgusting and inappropriate, yet very funny/amusing as well.
"Bob, i can't believe you just laughed at that poor nun in a wheelchair! you are such a dirt ball"
by JoJoPotato November 13, 2006
Yo are you smoking on a dirt ball?

Yessir it made my whole house reek for the day.
by BoolinOnTheBlok November 25, 2019