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1. a word in which describes the physical nature of a person that has a lot of hair, whether it be pubic or facial but does not have too much hair on the scalp area. When someone is called a Dinujan, it is also known that this person would have an animal like nature surrounding this name, an example of an animal would be a gorilla or a monkey. Despite this persons monkey like features, they're usually quite good at using computers or making them. A person being called a Dinujan also has a Sri Lankan background making him very hard to find during the night time whenever he closes his eyes and mouth.
A person called by this name can also surround his whole body with hair causing him to be able to withstand the harsh Winters found in Canada. Their favorite snacks also consist of a wide range of vegetables and fruits, mainly bananas. A typical Dinujan tends to be embarrassed as they wear exposed clothing,that tends to show the nipple region of their body. They usually feel as if their upper lips are exposed whenever they shave off their mustache. If a Dinujan is not properly groomed throughout its life, its hair can go out of control causing the hairs of his body to enter every single hole in his body, thus creating an instant death. They're buttock region of their body are usually very hairy as well. Most Dinujan start to form their hair as early as only 9 years old.

Guy1: Yo look at that guy across the street he's sooo hairy!

Guy2: Yeah I know, he reminds me of a Dinujan


Guy1: Yo dude, for some reason Joe likes eating banana's now, he also has gotten rather hairy over the past week.

Guy2: Wow! really? He must be turning into a dinujan


Guy1: My computers getting made by a computer wiz!

Guy2: Really? he must be like a dinujan or something.
by Dave from the Cave July 06, 2009
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1. A person of Sri Lankan descent, widely known as "beast" or "monster", mainly because of their excessive amount of hair.

2. Someone who possesses the animal-like features of a monkey or gorilla.

3. A Dinujan can be known as a computer genius due to the fact that they spend alot of time using, fixing, buying and trading computers. Many of them use their computers to watch endless amounts of porn, generally anime.

4. A merchant who regularly sells cards or electronic devices.

5. Defiled and miserable child that was brutally violated by their parents. A typical Dinujan would recuperate from this in his/her early teens by becoming independent as well as surviving from their fesces, which they preserve and eat.

6. A man with a shrivelled penis that he uses as his nose to sniff cocaine. A Dinujan can also be regarded as insane.
Example 1

Anonymous: Hey, I think I found the Sasquatch! Oh wait, nevermind, it's an ordinary Dinujan...

Example 2

Anonymous 1: Did you read the news about that monster they caught this morning?
Anonymous 2: Yeah, turns out it wasn't a monster at all, it was just a Dinujan.

Example 3

Anonymous 1: What the fuck, Is that guy okay?! He has hair growing everywhere!
Anonymous 2: Don't ya know? Hes a Dinujan, all that hair is natural for him.

Example 4

Anonymous 1: Jesus, that guy stinks like a monkey!
Anonymous 2: He sure does look and act like a monkey, we might as well call him a Dinujan.

Example 5

Dinujan: Fuck you, I'm Dinujan.
by Smiling Jambon November 04, 2009
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