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A pose that's prevelant among young females involving a limp wrist near or on their face. Especially popular on Instagram selfies showing off their makeup.
"Why does she always have her hand near her face like that in selfies? It kinda looks like a dinosaur hand."
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by Cnj86 May 15, 2016
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A common side effect of stimulant abuse which presents as cramped tendons in the wrist and hands. The hand will become stuck in a position resembling the forearm of a T-Rex
"I popped too many at the club last night, now I'm looking like a baby T-rex with these dinosaur hands."
by TBAGGINSES March 09, 2016
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When your hands and/or other limbs lose feeling and stay in cramped position while receiving great oral sex.
He went down on me for so long, I had dinosaur hands when I came!

He gave me dinosaur hands last night, he's a keeper.
by h-pants September 05, 2010
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